Chem 91


Buy Chem 91 / Cannabis strain online at Stoners House.



Buy Chem 91 / Cannabis strain online at Stoners House.

Chem 91, also known as ’91 Chemdawg’, is a well-balanced hybrid strain (50% Indica/50% Sativa), often seen as the parent or family of the infamous Chemdawg strain. Although its exact lineage is unknown due to the various stories that have been circulated, this bud is a favorite with patients for its cheerful and social effects that make it an excellent smoke for the day or early morning.

The high begins with a euphoric buzz that gives you creative energy and inspiration, but also a feeling of motivation and determination. This energetic buzzing grows and intensifies until you are completely free of mental pain and in a state of social happiness. Because of these effects and its incredibly strong average THC level of 19-27%, Chem 91 is often used to treat patients suffering from disorders such as depression, chronic stress, nausea, insomnia, and chronic pain or fatigue.

As the name suggests, this bud has a strong chemical taste, crowned by earthy diesel and lemon pine. The aroma is even more pungent: diesel and pungent earth mixed with pronounced rottenness that fills every room. This bud has dense, leafy, dark olive-green, spike-shaped nuggets with bright orange fur hairs and a thin layer of tiny amber crystal trichomes.


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