Green Crack


Buy Green Crack Weed/Cannabis strain online at Stoners House.



Buy Green Crack Weed/Cannabis strain online at Stoners House.

Green Crack is a hybrid strain dominated by Sativa, which consists of 60% Sativa genetics and 40% Indica. This strain was created by crossing the parental Skunk #1 strains and an isolated Afghani cutting. The result of this mixture is a hardy and reliable strain with an impressive resistance to mold and parasites. It prefers dry, warm climates and if given the right conditions will produce beautiful, long growing flowers with trichomes.

If you pull on a large joint or blunt object with Green Crack treated flowers, you will be delighted by the spectrum of flavors its tasty buds trigger. Soon after a whiff of this strain, you’ll notice light earthy, citrus, and sweet aromas.

The close balance between Indica and Sativa genetics in Green Crack means that this strain offers a psychoactive high that targets both body and mind. However, the slight Sativa dominance means that this strain is more at the cerebral end of the spectrum. After smoking a big bong head or a blunt filled with green crack, you will experience an energetic, happy, and uplifting state of consciousness.

This vibrant high is perfect for use during the day at work, for tasks and especially if you are busy with creative projects such as composing or writing. The energetic aspects of the high allow cannabis to stay focused and alert without the overwhelming and tiring sensations of more Indica strains.

Green Crack’s high even has medicinal potential and could help relieve stress, fatigue, pain, and headaches. This strain is known to cause dry mouth, so make sure you have a bottle of water or juice nearby to counteract this.

Green Crack is a relatively easy to grow cannabis strain and could, therefore, be an excellent choice for newcomers who are just starting out. Green Crack stays below 2m in height, which means it is easy to handle and can be grown in confined spaces. Its flowering time is 9 weeks.



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