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Buy Sour Diesel weed / cannabis strain online at Stoners House.

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Buy Sour Diesel weed / cannabis strain online at Stoners House.

The Sour Diesel strain is named after one of the sharpest strains of all time, and for good reason. It has a very strong smell of skunk, gasoline and lemon. So it may not be one of the tastiest (unless you like wet varieties), but it has a strong effect. Acid diesel has the incredible ability to provide energy and motive power, making it a perfect choice for people suffering from mood disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder.

Sour Diesel is often regarded as the marijuana strain that has been carefully mixed with spicy amounts of caffeine. Sour Diesel is your absolute “pick me up” type of cannabis, with a strong, acidic aroma that has a hint of citrus on the top, and a “high” that makes you as energetic as anyone else.

The Sour Diesel strain works even better than your first cup of coffee as a morning boost, so it’s no wonder that many people switch from pure caffeine to this delicious Mary Jane. If you want a perfect high at any time of day that invigorates, lifts and motivates your body and mind, then Sour Diesel is probably your best choice.

And best of all, it’s very medicinal, especially for those suffering from mental disorders; you can literally feel your mood come back on almost immediately after consuming this marijuana strain.


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